Hello there. I’m Alicia, welcome to AliciaTastesLife. I’ve been passionate about food, travel and all things cultural from an early age.

I feel connected on a global level to people. I came to the US as a baby, grew up Midwestern, added a splash of Californian and have tasted life on five continents.

I love to discover places where I can connect with people through food, music, art etc. Especially food, nothing makes me happier than experiencing a good meal. Whether it is a 50-cent taco from a street cart in Mexico City or the Whitefish and Lobster Nantua at Henri, I’ve never had a good meal that hasn’t inspired great conversation, ideas, laughter and lasting memories.

My blog is a space to review restaurants and events in Chicago and around the world. ATL is also about connecting people with experiences in order to “taste life” in a real and genuine way.

To life, love and great food!

Have a question for me? Leave a comment below or email me at: alicia.lauhon@gmail.com


12 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello.
      I am french and I live in Paris…I am having very much pleasure reading things into the blog…It makes me crack up from times to at times….funny and spiritual like her. Keep on going Alicia…we (we, as the French), love the site!


  1. Thanks Alicia for following my blog Le Chic En Rose 🙂 I’ve been enjoying your posts since I started my blog in June! I first came across it via the “Early Theme Adopters” at WordPress. Initially I had the Sorbet theme too. It’s a lovely theme but I just needed something a bit different for my posts. I think it’s a particularly apt theme for a food based blog and shows off the photos so well. I’ve been loving your culinary travels around the world and look forward to reading about many more on your beautiful blog, best wishes Rosemary 🙂

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