Memphis – Elvis, BBQ and The Peabody Duck March

Graceland Elvis

What do you do when you find yourself with six hours to spend in Memphis? The first thing is to get yourself to Graceland the home of Elvis Presley. It will not win any awards from Architectural Digest but it is definitely something to see and has a lot of character. The house and property are across Elvis Presley Boulevard from the sprawling complex that houses gift shops, restaurants, RV Park & campground, Heartbreak Hotel, and chapel for weddings.

After taking the obligatory picture with a cheesy background places sell you, we board the bus to drive across the street (they won’t let you walk to the house, need to be on the bus to enter the property) we began a self-guided tour. The living and dining rooms are pretty tame in decoration. It is when you get to the kitchen, back of the house and basement the fun begins. Continue reading