25 Ways to Use Sriracha

Anyone who likes some heat has probably tried Sriracha. If you haven’t here is your chance with 25, yep 25 different ways you can incorporate some spice in your life. For those of you who already have a good relationship with Sriracha here are some ideas for you. What is your favorite thing to put […]

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Eye What You Eat

These are some amazing videos from Erik Shirai, a cameraman on No Reservations. Erik has worked for a number of other well-known channels and has his own production company called Cebu Osani Films. The films follow creation of three dishes: Potage, Soba and Capri. It’s a beautiful way to tell the story of a recipe. Eye What You […]

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A Night in East Germany

Ingredients 1 bottle of Radeberger Pilsner (found at a European specialty store like, Genes, any pilsner can be substituted) 1/4 cup Bautzner mittelscharger Senf Medium Hot Mustard (found at a European specialty store like, Genes, any type of mustard can be substituted) 1/2 onion sliced 2 pork loin chops, cut 1-1/4 inches thick salt & pepper to season 1 DVD of […]

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