It’s Mardi Gras, Let’s Go Back to New Orleans – Yuki Izakaya

This weekend, a friend of mine  was boarding next to a flight to New Orleans and she sent me a text reminiscing about our trip to Mardi Gras back in the day. It got me thinking of my most recent trip to New Orleans and a place I fell in love with, Yuki Izakaya. Happy Fat Tuesday,  Laissez le Bon temp rouler!

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Coffee For Those That Don’t Really Like Coffee…and beignets

Maybe it’s the chicory, maybe because it is served au lait but whatever it is, I fell in love with this coffee when visiting New Orleans. I was never a coffee drinker and thanks to Cafe Du Monde I became one. Don’t bother waiting to sit on the patio. Head to the to go line and get your cup and beignets. If you really don’t like coffee then the beignets are worth it. And, this is coming from someone who really doesn’t even like beignets.