America’s Best Doughnuts | Food & Wine

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, sorry but these doughnuts might put you over the edge.

Image via Food & Wine - Photo © Triphena Wong.

Food & Wine give their take on 16 of the best Doughnut shops in the country. In the first spot, I am happy to say, is The Doughnut Vault in Chicago. I haven’t been here yet but I heard the line is long and starts early. A good sign, if you have time.

Another two on the list that I’ve had the pleasure of tasting:

Café du Monde, New Orleans, LA – quick post about their coffee and beignets here last summer.

VooDoo Doughnut, Portland Oregon. Check out their Captain my Captain doughnut.

Couldn’t resist, one more pic for ya:

maple bar with bacon from Voodoo Donuts I've b...

maple bar with bacon from Voodoo Donuts I've been back living in Portland for 3 years and finally got around to trying Voodoo on Saturday. Evil, but so good. Better than I had expected 🙂 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See the full list at the link:

America’s Best Doughnuts | Food & Wine.

It’s Mardi Gras, Let’s Go Back to New Orleans – Yuki Izakaya

This weekend, a friend of mine  was boarding next to a flight to New Orleans and she sent me a text reminiscing about our trip to Mardi Gras back in the day. It got me thinking of my most recent trip to New Orleans and a place I fell in love with, Yuki Izakaya. Happy Fat Tuesday,  Laissez le Bon temp rouler!

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Cajun Country – LAST No Reservations Episode

Image Via The Travel Channel

The season finale of No Reservations is tonight on the Travel Channel. They will be in Louisiana and the cast and crew of Treme will be joining in when they are in New Orleans. Get your No Reservations fix while you can.

Cajun Country – Travel Channel.

Coffee For Those That Don’t Really Like Coffee…and beignets

Maybe it’s the chicory, maybe because it is served au lait but whatever it is, I fell in love with this coffee when visiting New Orleans. I was never a coffee drinker and thanks to Cafe Du Monde I became one. Don’t bother waiting to sit on the patio. Head to the to go line and get your cup and beignets. If you really don’t like coffee then the beignets are worth it. And, this is coming from someone who really doesn’t even like beignets.

Big Jones – How do you like your grits?

Saturday morning brunch at Big Jones in Andersonville was a nice change from the jam-packed breakfast places. Not that this place was empty but when I walked in I felt the pace change and I could be in New Orleans instead of Chicago. As much attention was given to the grits and potatoes of each dish as the main attraction of trout and eggs. For anyone that is trying grits for the first time I highly recommend starting with the cheese grits, you will not be disappointed. Good for anyone that likes to ease their way into the morning.

Fish and Gritscorn flour-dredged Rushing Water trout, cheese grits, two eggs, cornbread

Eggs New Orleans: lump crab cakespopovers, poached farm eggs, béarnaise sauce, potatoes O’Brien