An Ode to Berlin’s Favorite Snack – Currywurst Museum in Berlin, Germany

Currywurst Museum |

Currywurst Museum |

Make your way past the wiener-shaped seating, giant french fries and enormous ketchup dripping from the ceiling and enter the Deutches Currywurst Museum – ideal for foodies, museum-goers and anyone that likes to have fun. Conveniently in the Mitte neighborhood close to popular tourist spots like Checkpoint Charlie so you don’t need to veer off the path too far to participate in something different.

Currywurst Musuem Berlin |

Currywurst Musuem Berlin |

Invented by Herte Heuwer in 1949, currywurst is German bratwurst (pork sausage) steamed and fried, usually sliced, served with a spicy ketchup topped with curry powder. The Currywurst Museum is designed to be an interactive experience that takes you through the history of Berlin’s favorite fast food snack. From the currywurst food truck where you can make a currywurst, to the Curry Up video game and the room full of spices, you can smell, listen, see, touch all things currywurst. Best of all the admission includes a delicious sample.

Still hungry? The cafe attached to the museum serves a variety of currywurst including a vegetarian option.

Inside Tempelhofer Feld – From Nazi Airport to Public Park in the Heart of Berlin

Tempelhof Berlin Runway

Tempelhof Berlin Runway

Built in the 1920’s, Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport was a busy hub taken over by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s, the Russians in 1945 in the Battle of Berlin and finally handed to the US as part of the Potsdam Agreement and used throughout the Cold War years for military and commercial use. This historic landmark is a must-see and  Continue reading


VW Bulli T1 at Weingalerie und Café NÖ! – Berlin, Germany

Weingalerie Cafe No VW Berlin

If you didn’t know to look for the VW Bulli T1 that sits in front of the impossibly cute Weingalerie und Café NÖ! you might pass it by as the building is covered in vines. It’s a gem of a wine bar serving German and Mediterranean food near Unter Den Linden in the Mitte neighborhood. The VW is available to rent and gaze upon if you are lucky enough to snag a table outside.


Great Italian in Berlin|Mädchenitaliener in Mitte

Mädchenitaliener Chalkboard

Image via Mädchenitaliener Facebook

Image via Mädchenitaliener Facebook

Mitte is a bustling neighborhood in Berlin full of bars, restaurants and close to attractions like Alexanderplatz, Brandenburger Tor and museums. Schönhauser Strasse is a wonderful street with boutiques and cafes with a cozy Italian corner restaurant called Mädchenitaliener.

We happened upon Mädchenitaliener before going to see the Eisbären Berlin play (Berlin’s professional hockey team). The space is cozy and intimate with big round twinkling lights, chalkboard menus and photos with a chrome filter lining the walls. The menu is Continue reading

A Night in East Germany

Via Wikipedia


1 bottle of Radeberger Pilsner (found at a European specialty store like, Genes, any pilsner can be substituted)

1/4 cup Bautzner mittelscharger Senf Medium Hot Mustard (found at a European specialty store like, Genes, any type of mustard can be substituted)

1/2 onion sliced

2 pork loin chops, cut 1-1/4 inches thick

salt & pepper to season

1 DVD of The Tunnel  –  Roland Suso Richter directed film loosely based on true events in Berlin following the closing of the East German border in August 1961.

1 East German boyfriend, for recipe contribution and history lesson (optional, any type of companion can be substituted)


 Salt and pepper the chops to desired taste. In a shallow baking dish large enough to hold the pork chops in one layer combine the beer, mustard rubbed pork chops and the onions, turning the chops to coat them thoroughly. Let the chops marinate, covered for at least 30 minutes. The longer the marinade the tastier the chops will turn out.

Grill the pork chops on an oiled rack. While the chops are cooking grab your side dishes and drinks. Decide who gets to change the TV setting to video and queue up the movie. Have some extra Bautz’ner on hand, sit back and enjoy a taste of East Germany.