An Ode to Berlin’s Favorite Snack – Currywurst Museum in Berlin, Germany

Currywurst Museum |
Currywurst Museum |

Make your way past the wiener-shaped seating, giant french fries and enormous ketchup dripping from the ceiling and enter the Deutches Currywurst Museum – ideal for foodies, museum-goers and anyone that likes to have fun. Conveniently in the Mitte neighborhood close to popular tourist spots like Checkpoint Charlie so you don’t need to veer off the path too far to participate in something different.

Currywurst Musuem Berlin |
Currywurst Musuem Berlin |

Invented by Herte Heuwer in 1949, currywurst is German bratwurst (pork sausage) steamed and fried, usually sliced, served with a spicy ketchup topped with curry powder. The Currywurst Museum is designed to be an interactive experience that takes you through the history of Berlin’s favorite fast food snack. From the currywurst food truck where you can make a currywurst, to the Curry Up video game and the room full of spices, you can smell, listen, see, touch all things currywurst. Best of all the admission includes a delicious sample.

Still hungry? The cafe attached to the museum serves a variety of currywurst including a vegetarian option.

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