Inside Tempelhofer Feld – From Nazi Airport to Public Park in the Heart of Berlin

Tempelhof Berlin Runway
Tempelhof Berlin Runway

Built in the 1920’s, Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport was a busy hub taken over by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s, the Russians in 1945 in the Battle of Berlin and finally handed to the US as part of the Potsdam Agreement and used throughout the Cold War years for military and commercial use. This historic landmark is a must-see and  one of the best green spaces in Berlin.

Tempelhof Berlin Plane

Fast forward to 2008 and a vote to close down the airport passed leaving Tempelhof  mostly abandoned and used as an unofficial park. Developers had their eye on the land but Berliners voted to keep using the space as a park with the city inviting residents to be a part of the creation by submitting planning ideas.

The park is dedicated to sustainable construction along with animal and plant habitats and a great excursion to put on your Berlin to-do list. The runways provide ample paths for running and bike riding, fields are great for kite flying – soccer and baseball fields are available as well. Don’t feel like exercise? You can grab a beer and grill in one of the designated areas. In addition, festivals, music events, art installations and exhibitions are held at Tempelhof.

Tempelhof Berlin Map


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Tours of the actual airport are also available. Please note the usage of the park may be changing, per Wikipedia:

However, in September 2015 it was announced that the airport would become an emergency refugee shelter’ for at least 1,200 refugees.[6] This is likely to mean that all public usage of & related events at Tempelhof will be suspended for the duration due to security and other concerns.


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