Anthony Bourdain, The Layover – Don’t Worry, It’s Still Obnoxious

The Layover EP
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‘The Layover’ began filming in San Francisco recently, going to staples like Swan Oyster Depot, Blue Bottle Coffee and Molinari Deli. I’ve been to all three and I can attest they have solid food and are within reach for most budgets. The lines are the only downside.

Anthony Bourdain says of the new show, “’The Layover’ is a fast, busy and content-filled hour. We go to spots that I personally think are cool and fun for all budgets.  In every case, these are places where I either did go, or would visit even when the cameras are off. ‘The Layover’ is a reflection of what I’ve learned over time. It’s about telling a story that viewers can recreate themselves.”

I’m looking forward to see if this approach works and really need to find out when and where it will be filming in Chicago. Hoping Bourdain will cover more accessible places.  Anthony Bourdain, The Layover.

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