Say Adiós to Ice Cream? | Nice Cream Chicago

Image Via Nice Cream Facebook Page

I first tried Nice Cream at Logan Square Kitchen and it immediately stood out from other trendy ice creams for its sheer freshness and flavor. You can taste every ingredient and they all taste real. I had heard they do custom flavors so I contacted the owner, Kris Swanberg, about creating a flavor to two for a birthday gift. I didn’t end up getting the ice cream but Kris was great to work with.

When I found out that Nice Cream was in trouble and might have to cease operations I felt bad for Kris and other local ice cream makers and wondered if this meant the end of local handmade ice cream for a while. On their Kickstarter page Swanberg states, “We have recently learned Nice Cream, together with all other small-batch artisans, may be subject to strict state regulations which appear to be intended for large-scale manufacturers…The regulations that would change the kind of ice cream we make and could potentially end artisan ice cream in Illinois.”

Revolution Brewing Company will be holding a fundraiser for Nice Cream this Sunday, August 28th at 5pm. There will be plenty of beer, food and Nice Cream along with a silent auction.  Go eat and drink in the name of Nice Cream!

Revolution Brewing – 2323 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

nice cream chicago

Image via Chicago Metromix

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