Turquoise – Turkish Café

Turquoise Café in Roscoe Village is a great place for a relaxed sidewalk lunch. Despite the outdoor seating on the street any traffic noise was minimal making you feel like you were in your own backyard. My neighbor who is Turkish recommended this place so I knew it had to be good. It was.

The meal started with the LahmacunSeasoned ground beef and seasoned vegetables, homemade fresh dough, parsley leaves and lemon wedges. This dish definitely set the tone for the rest of the meal. Perfectly seasoned with herbs and very thin crust, think a Turkish-style pizza but not heavy at all. You should get this.

Next up the Turkish Feta Salad: Romaine, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, Feta cheese, black olives and vinaigrette dressing. Refreshing and flavorful salad and again great balance of ingredients, seasoning and amount of vinaigrette.  This is good to share with the table.

For entrees:

Sesame Crusted Tuna: Arugula, lettuce, finger link potatoes, walnuts, hard-boiled egg, red onion, raspberry balsamic reduction. The portions were good and overall good flavor but if you are picky about your tuna this might not be the most memorable. I’m talking people who are used to high-grade quality tuna cooked rare.

Kofte Kebap Sandwich: Grounded lamb, seasoned and grilled wrapped in flatbread, pickle yogurt sauce and crispy potatoes. Besides the Lahmacun, this was my favorite of the meal. Perfect spicy but not too spicy seasoning. The flatbread was fantastic. Not too thick and a bit spongy but in a good texture way. So good I brought home the leftovers. The yogurt sauce was an added bonus to an already great sandwich. Served with a few perfectly crispy potatoes and pickles that provided almost a palate cleanser to the lamb.

Last but not least the House Lamb Wrap Sandwich: Low fat lamb skewered, in flatbread with lettuce, touch of onion and Feta cheese; w/roasted potatoes. Another flavorful sandwich with generous portions to take home.

There is a large wine/champagne, cocktail and beer list. Also Turkish red and white wines that look fun to try. I recommend for lunch and would like to come back for dinner. The inside is cozy so seems like a great place for a nice fall dinner…yes summer is ending soon.

Turquoise Café: 2147 W.Roscoe, Chicago, IL 60618

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