Taste of Greece 2011 – Greektown Chicago

Last weekend was Taste of Greece in Greektown and I did not leave hungry. My knowledge of Greek food is pretty limited, when I think of Greek food the Gyro comes to mind. I did have one and it was good (see pic below). But I was lucky enough to have my friend Dana with me who is 100% Greek and knows her Greek food and guided me through all the food options.

We were on a mission to get Loukoumades. These are Greek donut holes, fried and dripping in honey sugar syrup and dusted with cinnamon. Sesame seeds are often added on top. We found them at Artopolis. They were heaven, satisfying and provided a nice sugar high.

Artopolis also provided us with tasty Spanakopita, spinach pie. It was the perfect size to share with flaky crust and right blend of spinach, feta and spices. Sometimes there seems to be too much crust and not enough spinach or vice-versa. Artopolis got the balance just right.

We rounded it out with Loukaniko, Greek sausage. Rich flavor with hints of citrus I believe there was fennel as well. Wrapped in a quality pita it made a nice little sandwich.

Added bonus to the food, there was some surprisingly good sangria that really packed a punch. I will definitely come back next year!

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