Empanadas Brought to You by the Recession

Image via chicagoreader.com

Like many in the last few years, Nicolas Ibarzabal’s  job was in danger of being a casualty of the economic downturn.  He decided to channel his energy into creating his own business based around what he described as one of his “passions” — the empanada. With two other fellow Argentines 5411 Empanadas was  created.

Chicago has more than a few hoops food trucks have to jump through but 5411 Empanadas has managed to grow a following with regular daily spots. There are also plans to open a restaurant in Lincoln Park.

Seems like a silver lining to the economy can be that people are deciding to try a hand at doing what they love for a living.

Latin American Herald Tribune – Empanadas Catch On with Chicago Street Food Consumers.

4 thoughts on “Empanadas Brought to You by the Recession

  1. I can empathize. I started my food blog — budgetcookingblog.wordpress.com — after I got layed off from my job. It has been so much fun writing it that I’m now trying to get hired as a food writer, or some kind of content writer. Recession upside?

    • I’ve seen it with some friends and personally have switched my career focus after being laid off. I’ll check out your blog. Good luck with the food/content writing!

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