Chicago Beach Polo World Cup 2011 – North Avenue Beach

The weather was so nice on Sunday I was looking for something to do outside. Looking on the internets I saw, “Chicago Beach Polo World Cup” and was confused. Beach polo and Chicago don’t seem to go hand-in-hand but there it was. The first annual Chicago Beach Polo World Cup was this past weekend at North Avenue Beach.

Beach polo is played with three players per side vs. the regular four players in polo. This variation of polo is very young, starting in Dubai in 2004. Both men and women’s teams played in the cup. I missed seeing any of the women play but did catch the championship game. It was the perfect day to sit and watch something new with the Chicago skyline in the background.

The VIP ticket allowed access to the Kick-Off and Closing Party at Crimson, After-party at Cuvee and another Kick-Off party at Union Sushi & BBQ  (wonder how much alligator was consumed). Also to the high-end food and wine tents. I wish I could say that I attended and/or ate at any of these places but I was not a lucky VIP ticket holder. Maybe next year. I have a feeling this event will get bigger and bigger.

General admission is reasonable and it really is a great way to experience Chicago — no polo shirt required but the crowd, as you probably guessed, is very upscale. Great people watching, if you want to see some South American dandies  strut their stuff this is the place. But this being Chicago, everyone is welcome.

Chicago Beach Polo | Venue.

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