2 Sparrows – Foie Gras Pop Tarts & Tator Tots

2 Sparrows in Lincoln Park is best described as high-end comfort food serving breakfast and lunch. For those of you that have been to Nightwood, 2 Sparrows is like her sophisticated younger sister in college. Serious focus on food but very laid back, fun and if you feel like it, they make it easy for you to get liquored up in the middle of the day by providing an ample list of mouth-watering cocktails (I did not partake so can’t review but the drink menu looked really good). It is also on the louder side. Get there early as wait times can be long.

The donuts and their take on pop tarts are what I kept hearing this place is known for. The donuts did look very appetizing but probably best shared if you have more than 2 people. I was with just one friend so we decided to go for the apple/lemon thyme icing pop tart. Served fresh and piping hot it was like an apple strudel. The icing was a nice complement and did not overpower the tart. If you are someone who loves and can stomach rich food then I say go for the foie gras and cherry compote pop tart.

I had the Belly Sandwich – biscuit, pork belly, sunny side egg, pickled onions and tots. The best part of the sandwich was the biscuit. Rich, flakey and fresh. The best part of the meal was the tots. When I saw there were only four tots I thought that was a bit odd and would not be enough. However, these tots are bigger than any tots I have had and a lot richer. Four was PLENTY. They are extra crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. Next time here I will be getting a side of tots no matter what I order (I am thinking it will be the Cuban: sourdough, pulled pork, pork belly, mustard, gruyere, house made pickles, sans the pork belly).

The other order was the Grilled Cheese – fresh goat cheese, gruyere, irish cheddar with an added egg. I tried a bite and one word came to my mind, amazing.  I was transported to a Parisian Bistro. Rich, buttery bread and warm slightly tangy goat cheese and who doesn’t like a fried egg?

Go for the rich comfort food and laid back atmosphere. There is a small bar so if you can skip the wait for a table and belly up for breakfast/lunch there.  They will be hosting dinners now and then with the next on January 20th. Is a Great Lakes Beer Dinner with 5 courses paired with 5 beers. The cost is $60 per person plus tax and gratuity. You can reserve by calling the restaurant.

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