Oregon Chardonnay Finds Its Voice – NYTimes.com

Chardonnay Grapes
Chardonnay Grapes (Photo credit: pmarkham)

This weather is getting warmer and that gets me to start thinking about white wine again. A good friend of mine is a wine maker in Oregon at the Lemelson Vineyards. As any winemaker he is proud of what is produced but so is the wine drinking world.

Image via NYTimes.com

The New York Times rates their reserve chardonnay #1 in a recent tasting. Congratulations! I am awaiting a bottle in the mail to try. The 2009 Reserve chardonnay from Lemelson is described as, “…very much reminded me of a good Pouilly-Fuissé, with its lively energy, seemingly ready to uncoil in the mouth, and subtle flavors that might best be described as mineral, spicy and nutlike, but not fruity.” Now that is a description.

Despite being the most popular white wine among Americans, chardonnay has had a bad rap. As this article points out with the first sentence, “IN the beginning, there was chardonnay, and it was not good.”

This is changing in the Willamette Valley as the “second wave of Oregon chardonnay has appeared in the last decade or so, the product this time of conscious decision-making and more confident winemakers.”

So if you have ignored Oregon chardonnay in the past consider it again. If you are looking for something new, check out this list. Especially the 2009 Reserve chardonnay from Lemelson Vineyards.  Cheers!

Link to the full article:

Oregon Chardonnay Finds Its Voice – NYTimes.com.

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