Boxed Wine, It’s All About The Temp: The Salt : NPR

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I have some fond memories of celebrations that involved Franzia so I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for boxed wine.  The upside of boxed wine becoming trendy is the bar for quality has been raised.  The integrity of the wine will depend, however,  on the storage temperature. NPR points out:

“Perhaps the more important finding is that at the colder temperature, boxed wine had basically aged the same as bottled wine. That’s because companies have been layering different oxygen-stopping polymers over the initial breathable layer. “They’ve fine-tuned that bag for the wine industry,” she says.”

Moral of the story, keep your Franzia cool. Read more at The Salt:

When It Comes To Boxed Wine, The Cooler, The Better : The Salt : NPR.

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