Paella with the Best View – Sa Foradada, Mallorca

Sitting atop a small cove, Sa Foradada is an amazing rock formation straight out of a postcard and getting there is half the fun. Just south of Deià it can only be accessed by hiking in or taking a boat –– this keeps the crowds away and is an invitation to those that are drawn to its off the beaten path location.

I opted for renting two sailboats for our 14-person party consisting of three generations of Germans and Americans coming together for the first time with the shared intention to explore the lesser known and traveled paths of Mallorca together. Our captain, Chris hooked us up with a beautiful 50ft sailboat while his father captained the 30ft sailboat. Anchored in the bay of Port de Soller, the boats were ready to set sail as soon as our dinghies arrived from shore.

With all the beer, water and snacks loaded up we set sail for Sa Foradada. Calm, shimmering water and grand cliff formation after formation provided a memorable 90-minute boat ride to the cove.

Day 5 Sailboat to Sa Foradada

Arriving at Sa Foradada, among the handful of boats that float happily on top of the bright green water, you are enveloped by the dramatic cliffs of the cove. This is the closest view you will get to the famous 10-meter diameter hole of the formation that has mesmerized people for hundreds of years and inspired poetry for the perfect circle in the middle of a giant hunk of rugged rock created by Mother Nature. The cove is the perfect spot to anchor and have a quick refreshing swim to the shore before you walk up the path to claim your seat and take in the view.

We are here to eat the famous paella Emilio Fernández has been creating for more than forty years. With the help of his daughter they host you in their rustic thatch-roofed restaurant with picnic tables and an unrestrained view of the glistening Mediterranean that lasts for miles.

A perfectly built fire, cast-iron pans, fresh seafood and skillfully cooked short-grain rice that can only be achieved through years of experience are the ingredients needed for authentic paella.

We snacked on the olives (always fresh in Mallorca!), pan and garlic aioli that is ubiquitous in Mallorquín restaurants while waiting for the mariscos and mixto paella.

The rice was perfectly cooked and could have been a meal itself – the flavoring was rich and could only come from the fresh local ingredients. An abundance of just caught seafood and meat topped off the dishes.

Mariscos (seafood paella): Clams, crab legs, squid, cuttlefish, tomato, onions, short-grain rice, broth, prawns, mussels, and vegetables.

Mixto (meat paella): rabbit, chorizo, chicken, tomato, onions, short-grain rice, broth and vegetables

Day 5 Sa Foradada Paella Serving

The trip was epic with three generations making the journey to Spain, two generations getting us to Foradada and two generations feeding us and countless more that have gazed upon this same view throughout history.

Day 5 Sa Foradada Lincoln

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