Belly Q Knows How to Throw a BBQ – West Loop

Wednesday night in Chicago, Tasting Table and Belly Q teamed up for a huge summer BBQ in the West Loop and it was what a BBQ should be. Great company, plenty of drinks, ridiculously delicious food and a really fun atmosphere.

Want to get a glimpse of more food and inside the BellyQ party? Check out my video!

Belly Q Alicia and Dana

We were greeted and given the low down on where to get our drinks, food and hang out. The crowd was lively, music was good and the smells from the kitchen were unbelievable. We grabbed a drink (Hendrick’s gin & tonic with cucumber and Prosecco) and proceeded to have appetizers of rice-paper rolls with cucumber, soba noodles and mint and crispy tofu with sweet-and-sour sauce. These had great flavor and were a perfect crisp and light start to the richer meat that was to come.

I didn’t get a chance to try the shrimp with curry sauce but it looked delicious and people were snatching it up quickly.

Grilled Shrimp
Image via Tasting Table

My favorite of the night was the braised shank. You had your choice of delivery method, as a taco with chickpeas and slaw or slapped atop Chinese-style steamed buns. I did both! The salsa verde gave the tacos a nice Mexican slant and the steamed buns were so good I could have eaten them solo. You bet I went back for seconds mama didn’t raise no fool.

Belly Q Braised Shank
Image via Tasting Table
Belly Q Taco Station
Image via Tasting Table

It’s a good thing the ice cream was served in mini cones because I really did not have room. But who can pass up ice cream with caramel or peach?? Not me.

Belly Q Vanilla soft serve cones with ‎peach and ginger
Image via Tasting Table

BellyQ also serves brunch so you know I’m going back for more! We can even sing our hearts out at the karaoke den.


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