Best Breakfast Sandwiches In Boston – Mike & Patty’s

This tiny breakfast spot on the corner of Church Street is off the beaten path but that doesn’t stop the crowds from flocking here. If it weren’t for the line outside it would be easy to miss Mike & Patty’s as it blends into the neighborhood. That and the smell of bacon.

You know the food is good when people are willing to wait 30 minutes to order without the option of sitting down. Did I mention this place is small? There is one table with room for about four people.

The lone Mike & Patty's table
The lone Mike & Patty’s table

Despite the constant turnover the service couldn’t be more efficient and friendly. There was barely enough room for the two cooks and order taker but they displayed a highly coordinated food service dance. It was impressive how fast they churned out breakfast on the not so large grill. We managed to fill up the place between ourselves, food and suitcases (moving between hotels).

It was really hard to decide but I went with The Fancy: fried egg, bacon, cheddar, avocado, red onion, house mayo served on toasted multi-grain. How could this combination of ingredients NOT be good?? Well I can tell you how it can be great. By using local organic eggs, nitrate-free bacon and fresh-baked bread. This was food you wanted to keep eating and eating and eating and it makes you sad to get full. The perfect mix of fresh, salt and crispy goodness.

Mike & Patty's The FancyOkay, so say you are one of the crazy people who does not particularly like breakfast sandwiches? We inquired if it was possible to just get some eggs. The cooks were more than accommodating and asked what we wanted and threw in some extras.  The did not skimp on size either…holy chorizo! Again, fresh eggs and ingredients make all the difference.

Mike & Patty's Omellete

The next time I am here, and I WILL be back, I am going for the Breakfast Torta.

Breakfast Torta – fried egg, pepper jack cheese, roasted poblanos, potato, refritos, salsa, avocado on a torta roll. Check it out:

Image via
Image via

Come to Mike & Patty’s for a “hole in the wall” experience with great to-go breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Get there early to beat the lines but rest assured it’s worth the wait.

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