It’s Christmas Market Time in Hamburg & Erfurt, Germany

Hamburg Town Hall Christmas Market People

Christmas markets, known as Christkindlmarkt and Weihnachtsmarkt, have been held in Germany since the mid 1400s and are very popular today. Millions of people visit the markets throughout Germany to celebrate Advent and spend time with family and friends. My first Chistkindlmarkt was in Chicago in Daley Plaza and I loved it. I had heard stories of how beautiful and grand the markets are in Germany so was very excited to attend a genuine Christmas market in two different cities, Hamburg and Erfurt.

Hamburg Town Hall Christmas Market

The Christmas market in the Rathausmarkt, the Town Hall Square, is considered one of Hamburg’s best markets. It’s easy to see why Germans love to go to these markets again and again throughout the holiday season. The atmosphere is so festive with lights, a colorful carousel for the kids, hand crafted goods and of course the Glühwein (mulled wine) and food!

It can get cold standing outside so the warm mulled wine called Glühwein is not only tasty but serves a purpose by keeping you warm. It tastes like Christmas. Don’t worry about going hungry because there are plenty of food stands serving up sweets such as baked goods and meat and potatoes.

It seemed like everyone in Hamburg was getting into the holiday spirit!

Hamburg Santa

Erfurt is a small city of about 200,000 in the middle of Germany. The Christmas market we went to was one of the smaller markets . It was very charming in a tiny square with cobblestones and served the best potatoes at the kartoffelhaus stand.Erfurt Street Erfurt's Christmas Market Erfurt Christmas Market Ritter Stand Erfurt Christmas Market FoodErfurt Christmas Market kartoffelhauseKartoffelhaus

Last but not least, Glühwein!

Erfurt's Christmas Market Mugs

The Glühwein comes in many flavors as well as alcohol-free usually called Kinderpunsch. If Glühwein isn’t your thing there is hot chocolate, coffee, Amaretto, Rum to name a few.

Erfurt's Christmas Market Drink List

If you haven’t already check to see if your city has a German Christmas market and add it to the list of holiday festivities!

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