The Olde Pink House – Savannah, Georgia

The Olde Pink House Restaurant EntranceBouncing along in our pedicab through the historical streets of Savannah we pulled up to another beautiful square (Reynolds Square) with a big pink mansion bursting with plants and flowers. The Olde Pink House built in 1771 was a home, first bank of Georgia and base for a Union general among several other things listed on its historical résumé.

Check out my Tastemade video of The Olde Pink House

This grand house has room upon room you can freely explore. I didn’t experience any ghost sightings but rumor has it many have.

The setting is grand but the atmosphere is all down home Southern hospitality and comfort. Tidbits about the house are shared by the staff and you are encouraged to look in every room.

The menu is quite large and full of quintessential Southern food, corn bread, biscuits, grits, fried this, fried that, y’all! The corn bread and biscuits come with the table and are made from scratch.

The Olde Pink House Biscuits & CornbreadIt was 96 degrees in Savannah that day so to cool off I had the Our Little Hummingbird and it hit the spot with Naveran Sparking, St. Germain Elderflower and club soda.

The Olde Pink House Our Little HummingbirdI love a watermelon salad so the lightly salted watermelon with feta, arugula mixed in a mint vinaigrette and drizzled with balsamic won out over the famous “BLT” salad and Mac and Cheese Jalapeno Poppers (!)…Next time. It was mouth-watering and thirst quenching, all the sweet and salty notes were perfect.

The Olde Pink House Salted Watermelon SpecialIt was time to bring on the fried food! Fried chicken livers with fried spinach that melted in your mouth sitting atop a healthy serving of grits. This appetizer was just as rich as it looks.

Olde Pink House Fried Chicken LiversOne of the house specials is the crispy scored Flounder. This Flounder is from Georgia and it is huge! Flash fried and served with apricot shallot chutney. Another sweet and salty triumph.

The Olde Pink House Crispy Scored FlounderIt comes with creamy grits and collards but I decided to have the sugar snaps, baby green beans, edamame and bacon buttermilk whipped potatoes. Yeah, this was great.
The Olde Pink House Sugar Snaps, Baby Green Beans, Edamame Bacon Buttermilk Whipped PotatoesThe idea of the crispy half duck was very interesting. It was served with a black vinegar BBQ glaze with seasonal fruit and vegetable crepes. The blackberries and raspberries were amazingly fresh and the crepes were a light complement to the rich duck. I did like the duck flavor but unfortunately it was a bit dry.

The Olde Pink House Crispy Half Duck, Black Vinegar BBQ GlazeNot having much room for dessert we got a scoop of the tamarind sorbet. Tamarind has a sweet and tart taste to it and sorbet is one of the best ways to eat it. Especially if you are going to be venturing out into the hot Savannah night.

The Olde Pink House Tamarind Sorbet

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