Lunch at Solbar – Calistoga, CA

Solbar Calistoga - Image via Solage
Solbar Calistoga – Image via Solage

“You have to eat at Solbar.” After hearing this repeatedly I made my way to Solbar a Michelin Star-rated restaurant in the Solage Resort in Calistoga. A huge outdoor patio full of beautiful trees and surrounded by mountains is a great way to take in Napa. The 95 degree day prompted me to sit inside but the large windows, vaulted ceilings and rustic chic vibe was just as enjoyable.

Check out this video if you want a peek inside Solbar.

The 95 degree day made an easy choice of the chilled sweet corn soup. It was refreshing and the chunks of avocado with the magic combination of lime juice and cilantro gave the soup an extra creaminess and zing.

Solbar Calistoga Chilled Sweet Corn Soup
Solbar Calistoga Chilled Sweet Corn Soup

The organic Coke Farms baby lettuce salad was ripe and crunchy with sugar snap peas, Genovese basil, sautéed yellow corn and breadcrumb gremolata.

Solbar Calistoga Coke Farms Baby Lettuce
Solbar Calistoga Coke Farms Baby Lettuce

I love tacos and I do not pass up the chance to get them when in California. The crispy petrale sole tacos did not disappoint, it had the fundamentals: crispy fish, warm tortillas and crunchy/flavorful sweet and sour cabbage. Topped off with cilantro and spicy aioli and this is a must try item.

Solbar Calistofa Sole Tacos
Solbar Calistoga Sole Tacos

My favorite was the seared tuna burger served on a fresh steamed bun it was like a huge Xiaolongbao! The side salad was surprisingly good for what I thought would be an average edamame salad. I don’t know what is in their house recipe for kim chi and how exactly they seared the tofu and with what but whatever it was is genius. Get this.

Solbar Calistoga Tuna Burger
Solbar Calistoga Tuna Burger

Check out my video if you want to see all this beautiful food live! Yes, everyone was right, you really should eat at Solbar if you are in Calistoga. If you are feeling really crazy go for a mud bath at the spa. Probably want to do that before lunch.

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