Want to Attract More Readers to Your Blog? I Have the Answer


If you haven’t heard about Tastemade yet let me tell you a little story. Tastemade is the place where people come together to discover and share their passion for great food and travel.

I’ve been using it for almost two years and have gotten some great feedback from readers. It’s next level stuff and I really think you’ll dig it once you see it. It gives readers a chance to really see what it is like in the restaurant, hotel, event, shop, fashion, museums and more you are sharing on your blog.

It’s very easy to use and they do all of the editing for you. Including music and font options. I created this Fat Rice video in minutes! For any fellow Chicagoans I can meet up with you and help you shoot your first video so feel free to get in touch.

Download the app, here. (It’s free!)

Tips and tricks on shooting

Check out the Tastemade Chicago Facebook page for some great video experiences.



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