Trip Down South – Husk, Charleston, SC

Husk Charleston
Husk Charleston

Husk sits regally on Queen street in downtown Charleston with its Victorian details dating back to the 1880s. The interior is modern while still distinctly southern. Next door is the equally charming but rustic bar.

Sean Brock (of McCrady’s fame) is a James Beard Award winning chef and puts his talents into utilizing all the bounty South and North Carolina farms have to offer. A huge board in the entrance displays where every ingredient is sourced.

Reservations are recommended and lunch is a great time to try the menu. See the deliciousness for yourself:

Everything was fantastic from the drinks, entrées, the bread to the service. The vegetable sides are equally full of flavor and depth –– I’m sure butter is a big factor but I say, “When in the South…” Definitely get the fried chicken, it’s crispy and juicy and the brussels, spring onions and smoky tomatoes on the side hold their own in richness and flavor.

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