Galician Home Cooking at Cera 23 – Barcelona, Spain

Cera 23 Barcelona Sign

Make your way down the narrow streets of Barcelona and take in the beautiful sounds and smells from the various Southeast Asian, African, South American, Pakistani and Spanish stores, restaurants and homes that make up El Raval neighborhood.

Cera 23 is a cozy spot in the middle of El Raval serving Galician and Mediterranean home cooking. Reservations recommended but you can kill time waiting for your table by trying the famous  blackberry mojito at the small bar in front.

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Down from the bar is a brick-walled area with four tables that leads into the 30-seat dining room with miss-matched chairs and an open kitchen so many tables almost feel like chef’s tables. The service is friendly and efficient while the vibe is upbeat and lively – note this is more of an international place vs local so you will be hearing a lot of different languages and a lot of English. Local ingredients prepared with different techniques and infused with international elements yields fresh and inventive tastes – I recommend every dish we had.

Primeros platos (appetizers):

Ceraviche – Their special ceviche with sweet potato and yucca chips

Tartar de tomate – Organic tomato tartare, wakame seaweed with miso and wasabi mayo

Segundos platos (entreé):

Cordero Confitado – Slow-cooked lamb with semi-dried tomato and Kalamata olive cous cous

Bacalao – Cod confit with potato and basil foam and romesco sauce

Equal attention is given to the cocktail menu

Coconut Lips – Grey Goose Vodka, Mangaroca, Hierbas ibicencas, lima, zumo de pera, maracuyá

Grape Margarita – Tequila, pomelo, sirope de pepino, sal de algas

El Postre (dessert):

La Torrija del Vecino – Caramelized biscuit, English cream and vanilla gelato

Cera 23 Barcelona Torrija del Vecino


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