Lazy Saturday Stroll Around Old San Juan

Old San Juan View to Ocean from Street July 2017

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I will be getting back into a regular posting schedule so you will be hearing more from me soon. Join me for a little photo journey through the streets of Old San Juan.

Old San Juan is 519 years old and the second oldest (European) founded city in all of the Americas. Beautifully restored Spanish colonial buildings line the cobblestone streets.

Take a couple of days to fully explore and discover the many restaurants, bars, handcrafts, galleries and more the neighborhood has to offer. I recommend taking a walking tour, Legends of Puerto Rico has great options.

Pictured left to right, clockwise:

Parque de las Palomas just up from the Paseo de la Princesa (another must visit) has a nice view of the harbor. Arch at the entrance of the Parque de las Palomas. Street cat taking a snooze. Street art. Paletas from Señor Paleta.

Walk through the gate many luminaries for centuries have been welcomed through when reaching Puerto Rican shores. Built in 1635, La Puerta de San Juan (San Juan Gate) was the formal entrance to San Juan.

Thanks for strolling with me.



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