5ish Things to Do in Nashville

The first impression of Nashville is of a growing city, scaffolding and construction sites dot the downtown area in what looks like a hotel boom in the city. I was told over eight hotels were being built and these were seriously big hotels. Good sign for Nashville. On the way to the hotel I noticed […]

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Imbibe: 5 Election Day Cocktails

I’ll be missing the election this year (don’t worry, I voted early) so I won’t be apart of the drama that unfolds every four years on Tuesday night. I’ll be on hiatus for the next couple of weeks but wanted to share this Election Day Cocktails article with you. With all of the election coverage, […]

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Craft Spirit Week Chicago – Celebrating the Art of Fine Spirits | Oct 1st – 6th

Be apart of Chicago’s first Craft Spirit Week! The week will include tastings and events with the mid-week feature of the Independent Spirits Expo on October 3rd. Their mission: Real spirits is real taste, and the ever-growing community of craft distillers and craft drinkers is privvy to experience these spirits like never before! Through tastings, […]

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Hello Again…Ada Street 1664

Quiet alley and garbage trucks, I am intrigued. Nondescript door, albeit nice font, and a dark entrance, I like this change of pace. Welcome to Ada St. restaurant. The word speakeasy has been used to describe Ada St. and it’s an apt description with its out-of-the way location and seemingly hidden entrance. However, judging by its […]

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