Grilled Cheese Quest – Grahamwich

I feel like I was born to love grilled cheese. Guess it’s not that hard but I really do have a huge affection for the wonderful buttery bread and cheese combination. It’s a comfort food from my childhood that has lasted through adulthood. Good thing comfort food is so popular in Chicago.

Here is my first official stop at a restaurant solely to try their grilled cheese. If you have any recommendations for where I should take my next grilled cheese quest, please let me know!

For my first visit to Grahamwich I think I went at the perfect time, after lunch. I am assuming this place gets a lot of to-go traffic from people on their lunch break. Even if you want to eat-in the seating is limited. But after 2pm there is plenty of room at the communal table in the back and no line. The restaurant is small with a clean design and good lighting.

Grahamwich Front of Restaurant

My friend and I decided on splitting the grilled cheese (obvs), the tuna salad sandwich and the g’wich chips.

Grahamwich Tuna Salad & Grilled Cheese

The Grilled Cheese: Wisconsin cheddar + tomato marmalade + cheese curds + cracked pepper + Pullman loaf

If comfort food is what I wanted, I got a whole week’s worth from just half a sandwich. Last time I had cheese curds I was in Madison and these took me back to good ol’ Madtown. Yum. The sandwich could survive without them but what fun would that be? The tomato marmalade satiated my love for ketchup and the bread was crunchy crisp on the outside and soft once you sink your teeth into it. Enough melted cheese to satisfy anyone. I recommend this sandwich to anyone looking for a delicious, quality grilled cheese. Depending on your appetite this sandwich is plenty big enough and rich enough to split with a friend if you throw in a bag of chips.

Tuna Salad: Green beans + blistered peppers + basil pesto + black olive + rustic ciabattta

Grahamwich Tuna Salad

The polar opposite of the grilled cheese, light, more on the deconstructed side and won’t put you in a food coma after consuming. The tuna had a great flavor and it wasn’t weighed down by mayo or other condiments.  This sandwich is good for when you want a filling but healthy feeling sandwich.

G’wich chips: Yukon potatoes + fresh herbs + bacon bits + cheddar cheese + ranch powder

Grahamwich Grilled Cheese & g’wich chips

Wow. These chips come in a huge bag that you are quite sure you couldn’t possibly finish but next thing you know…you are fighting over the last chip. Genius concept combining herbs, bacon, cheese and ranch. Chips were perfectly crispy. Here, take a closer look…

Grahamich g’wich chips

Grahamwich 615 N State St Chicago, IL

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