Little Goat, Big Plate – West Loop

Little Goat Cappucino

As a fan of Girl and the Goat (I wrote about my last trip here) I had wanted to try out Little Goat  since it opened in late December. We arrived at just before 2pm on a cold March Friday and it was packed. Luckily there were two seats at the diner bar waiting just for me and a friend. A woman in a purple old-timey diner waitress uniform greeted us as soon as we sat down. I thought they were cute but I could understand if one would prefer to look at them versus wear. This was confirmed when a server said, “…yeah, we looooove them.” Despite being busy the service was great with no less than 2 people checking in on us throughout our stay.

Little Goat has it all, huge dining room space, coffee bar, bakery and bar. Go for breakfast and stay through the night at the bar. This is a diner but upscale in design and menu offerings.

We wanted to try the Stumptown coffee so ordered a cappuccino with almond milk. It was fabulous and can be served decaf.  Next up was the tuna melt. Not your average diner tuna melt but more of a deconstructed/Salad Niçoise like tuna melt. Complete with albacore tuna, cheese sauce, greens, green beans, and served open-faced on sourdough bread. I split this and it was plenty filling due to the richness of the cheese sauce. I loved it; the texture was creamy (sauce) and crunchy (veggies). Niçoise with a kick.

Little Goat Tuna Melt

Last but not least, the Pièce de résistance, the Peppermint Matti sundae. I can appreciate ice cream and desserts as much as the next person but I am not that person that always *has* to get dessert, especially at lunch. If this sundae were offered on the other menus I would get it again and again. Perfectly balanced vanilla mint ice cream, Thai chocolate ice cream, brownie bits with mint, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. What made this stand apart is the hotness of what I am assuming was either cayenne or spice in the Thai chocolate ice cream or both. Whatever it was, it was working and added a next level flavor to this already spectacular dessert.

Little Goat Peppermint Matti sundae

The menu is huge so I didn’t even come close to trying a variety of things so I will be back. I have heard that some items are extremely salty and/or heavy so choose wisely if you are sensitive to those things. On a separate trip a friend had the chili and absolutely loved it as well as the Bull’s eye french toast: crispy chicken, sweet onion brioche, BBQ maple syrup.

What do you think?

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