Best Pancakes In Atlanta – Ria’s Bluebird

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Ria’s Bluebird was the last restaurant on my southern road trip and it was a great way to end a memorable trip. It was recommended by an Atlantan that swears by their pancakes being the best in the Atlanta. Located in Grant Park across from the historic Oakland Cemetery Ria’s is colorful and eclectic just like its clientele. The vibe is laid back and you get the feeling you might be the only tourist because everyone seemed to know each other. It makes sense, Ria’s has been in business for thirteen years and has a cult following.

Everything is from scratch as you would expect down home cooking to be. Ria is also committed to using local ingredients and an inventive cooking style so as she says, “I don’t have boring food.” I am a witness to that.

Ria’s is known for her pancakes but there is a full breakfast and lunch menu that will have you coming back for more. Ria's Bluebird Menu

I like pancakes but I’m more of a savory than sweet kind of chica. But at $4.25 for a short stack there was no way I was going to miss out on these famous cakes.

Ria's Bluebird Pancakes

What’s in those pancakes?! Eggs, vanilla, buttermilk, and hand sifted cake flour. This is the key to the pancakes’ lightness. Of course butter to mix it all up, a griddle at the precise temperature and the timing of a skilled pancake flipper yields some fantastic results.  You can add toasted Georgia pecans, caramelized bananas and/or chocolate chips. I went au natural and to describe them as fluffy is an understatement. A must get item when you visit.

On to the savory! The Bluebird Burrito was a generous portion of 2 eggs scrambled, skillet potatoes, white cheddar, pinto beans –or– black beans, topped with salsa verde & sour cream. You can also order tofu instead of eggs. A choice of one side:  buttermilk biscuit, english muffin,baguette, organic grits, sliced avocado. They let us get the yogurt and it was nice and fresh. The authentic salsa verde was a nice treat to this delicious burrito.

Ria's Bluebird Burrito

Next savory dish was the Huevos with grilled blue corn tortillas and black beans, topped with white cheddar, 2 eggs fried, salsa verde & sour cream. Another win, the earthiness of the blue tortillas was a solid foundation for the dish. The beans were fresh and cooked with a lot of flavor and I was happy to have more salsa verde to slurp down.

Ria's Bluebird Huevos

The next time I am in Atlanta I will be stopping at Ria’s and you should too. I will probably be getting pancakes and their other popular seller, Brisket and Eggs. This is Ria’s version of steak and eggs. The brisket is baked for sixteen hours and then is shredded and prepped for the eggs and served piping hot.

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