Dinner on the Amalfi Coast at Osteria Angelo Masuccio – Salerno, Italy

Welcome to the Amalfi Coast, breathtaking views and amazing food – see for yourself!

Osteria Angelo Masuccio Salerno Italy Window

Osteria Angelo Masuccio is a tiny authentic Italian restaurant in Salerno. I discovered cannolicchi and the best homemade pasta with truffle shavings! Salerno is an affordable option for a base to check out the different towns along the Amalfi Coast. The restaurant prices are some of the best you will find and Osteria Angelo Masuccio’s food is just as good (and sometimes better) than many places I tried in Amalfi and Capri.

Osteria Angelo Masuccio Patio

Sit on the small patio on the narrow pedestrian cobblestone street to enjoy the people watching and the nice summer breeze. The ground floor of Osteria Angelo Masuccio consists of the dining room and the kitchen is upstairs.

The vegetarian and seafood antipasti is constantly changing depending on what is available and in season. This night we had the seafood with raw slices of salmon, mussels, cannolicchi and mussels. I am not a fan of clams and I admit the cannolicchi kind of scared me but I fell in love after the first bite.

Angelo Masuccio Salerno Italy Seafood Antipasti

Also known as razor clams these slim pieces of goodness taste buttery and have a slick texture and consistency of properly cooked octopus. Apparently it is a rarity so we were lucky to score some that night. The next night we came back and the fisherman had no cannolicchi to give that day.

Cannolicchi served with arugula and olive oil
Cannolucchi served with arugula and olive oil
Angelo Masuccio Salerno Mussel Antipasti
Angelo Masuccio Salerno Mussel Antipasti

The pasta is house made and lucky me they had truffles! A generous shaving of black truffles added to the already rich buttery earthy perfectly cooked al dente noodles. Divine.

Angelo Masuccio Salerno Italy Pasta with truffles

A close second, the pasta with tomato, basil, eggplant porcini mushrooms and strong parmesan was a nice complement as a lighter dish.

Angelo Masuccio Salerno Pasta Vegetables

The brazino (also called spigola in southern Italy) was juicy and had a slightly sweet taste to eat. Mild enough for non fish lovers to enjoy and hearty enough for fish lovers to feel fulfilled. The spicy arugula added a nice punch.

Angelo Masuccio Salerno BronzinoWe enjoyed a great bottle of wine from the region and were given limoncello to finish the meal. If you are in Salerno you should make it a point to try Osteria Angelo Masuccio, you will not be disappointed!

Angelo Masuccio Salerno Wine

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