Lemon Ravioli with a View! Arienzo Beach Club – Positano, Italy

Feast your eyes on the beautiful view, crystal clear water and delicious food at Arienzo Beach Club – Check the video to get a peek inside the Arienzo Beach Club!

Amalfi Pano

Arienzo Beach Club Positano, Italy
Arienzo Beach Club Positano, Italy

Hop on the Arienzo boat from the main dock in Positano and take the quick ride to the chill Arienzo Beach Club. If you’re feeling adventurous you can walk there and climb down about 300 stairs to the beach.

Our ride to Arienzo Beach Club - Positano, Italy
Our ride to Arienzo Beach Club – Positano, Italy

Crystal clear water, comfy chairs, pristine beach and a magnificent view are just some of the things that make Arienzo Beach Club a great place to relax and catch some sun. The customer service, food and drinks at Bar Bagni d’Arienzo elevates Arienzo to a must visit beach club. Chairs, umbrellas and towels are all available.

View of Arienzo Beach Club From Dock

We enjoyed the freshest local produce and fish along with the tastiest watermelon mojitos at Bar Bagni d’Arienzo.

Freshly caught white fish in olive oil and local greens.

The classic sweet and salty cantaloupe prosciutto was delicious!

Bar Bagni d'Arienzo Canteloupe Proscuitto

The locally grown lemons used in the lemon ravioli and zest was mouth-watering good. Simple dishes with significant taste.

Bar Bagni D'Arienzo Lemon Ravioli

The boat starts making return trips about 4pm to the main dock in Positano. Perfect timing to take the walk up to Hotel Sirenuse and sit at the bar overlooking the sea before taking the ferry back to Salerno.

Hotel Sirenuse View Positano Italy

Ciao for now!


2 thoughts on “Lemon Ravioli with a View! Arienzo Beach Club – Positano, Italy

  1. This is just gorgeous, the setting as well as the food. What is the “lemon” in the ravioli? The filling? I googled recipes, and I can’t find one that looks like this. Was the prosciutto cantaloupe just that and no more? I was weighed on Fri. In two months, I’ve gained five pounds. I’m now back to my fighting weight: 115. It is time to rein it all in. We have been eating BLTs and beer every weeknight this week. 🙂

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